Club Constitution

Article I

Name and Mission
Section 1. NAME

The Name of this nonprofit organization shall be the Data Analytics Club at Texas State, hereafter referred to as the “Society.”

Section 2. MISSION

Data Analytics Club (“the club”) at Texas State is a campus organization to provide a forum to explore the field of data analytics, including “big data”, web analytics, and predictive analytics. Activities of the club may include such events and workshops, discussions, presentations by professionals active in the field. Topics of discussions may be technical or of general interest, and can provide students with an opportunity to explore topics relating to career opportunities in data analytics. The club may also engage in competitions to test and develop skills and knowledge related to data analytics.

Article II


Membership in the Society shall be open to all eligible persons regardless of race, national origin, creed or political affiliation, sex, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability, or veteran’s status.


Any person eligible for membership in accordance with this Constitution will become a member, serve in a senior office, or as an advisor to the Society. Membership dues shall be decided proceeding each fall semester by the Executive Board with consultation from the Advisor.

Article III


Titles of Senior Officers will be the President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Marketing Officer. The Executive Board shall include all Senior Officers listed above, hereafter referred to as the “Board.” Decisions of the Board will be based on votes per member of the Board, not per office held each member. Individuals who hold officer positions in other organizations may not be eligible for any officer positions for the Data Analytics Club at Texas State.  


Part 1. Each officer is responsible and accountable for his or her responsibilities defined within their duties and must remain active in participating in all organizational activities.

Part 2. Each term of office lasts for one long semester. Summer terms will be included in the fall semester. Elections for officers will be held at the end of each fall and spring semester (elaborated in Article 3, Section 8).

Part 3. Officers must attend at least one Orientation Session held by the Campus Community and Involvement, and must be aware of the rules and guidelines of the organization and the university.

Part 4. Officers must not be on scholastic probation from the university, unless granted a temporary waiver approved by CASO and the organization advisor.

Part 5. Every officer must also create and develop their own agendas for themselves and the committees in which they preside over in order to fulfill their duties to the Society.

Part 6. Club officers (Vice President and Treasurer and Marketing Officer) may represent the club at the request of the President if circumstances warrant.

Part 7. Officers will be responsible for developing and delivering workshops pertaining to the club, establishing and maintaining university and industry relationships, and the overall promotion and representation of the club. 


Part 1. The club President will be the chief club officer

Part 2. The President will have principal administrator rights and responsibilities for the club Facebook page and/or web site. Admin rights will also be granted to the club advisor. The President may share and delegate access privileges to other club officers as needed.

Part 3. Club Management

  • Sets the organizational agenda and approves the budget for each year
  • Responsible for enforcing the laws and guidelines set by this Constitution
  • Coordinates and maintains communication between the senior officers
  • Acts as representative for the organization in intramural activities
  • Presides over any internal conflicts that may occur within the Society

Part 4. Corporate Liaison 

  • Establishes and maintains strong corporate relations
  • Invites guest speakers and requests for contributions for the organization
  • Handles the planning for industry speaker events and the requisition of any presentational tools each speaker may need

 Part 5. Academic Liaison 

  • Coordinates workshops to develop member skills and knowledge
  • May invite academic speakers to participate in panels or give lectures
  • Organizes certain projects that allowing members to advance academically
  • Helps to promote and develop special interest groups within the Society

Part 1. The Vice President will be responsible for recording minutes from official general meetings to provide society. The Vice President will have the right to post meeting minutes, announcements and general information online for members.

Part 2. The Vice President will assume the duties of President if the President is unable to perform the duties as chief club representative.

Part 3. Will be responsible for the creation and maintenance of a University and Industry contact list, and maintaining any club calendars such as the Google Calendar. 

Part 4. Manages and keeps a record of all literature and history for the Society and chronicles organizational activities with written documentation of decisions made and approvals granted.

Part 5. Edits and distributes the club newsletter, creates and posts announcements and important updates to social media and websites, in addition to updating the email list.  

Part 6. Will assist in the coordination and development of the organization’s website along with the Marketing Officer.

Part 7. Event Liaison

  • Coordinates intramural or inter-organizational activities
  • Plans and organizes social activities and events for the members of the organization throughout the year at help to develop their skills or their appreciation of game development
  • Works with the Treasurer to raise funds from the industry or the university for these activities

Part 1. Handles the collection and allocation of funds, reimbursements, fundraising, and other standard treasury functions

Part 2. Keeps track of the general membership, including dues and contact information

Part 3. Assists the Board in establishing and maintaining a budget

Part 4. Responsible for the acquisition and holding of items both purchased or donated


Part 1. Will assist in the coordination and development of the organization’s website along with the Vice President. 

Part 2. Responsible for the promotion and the awareness of the Society to the local community and recruiting efforts for the organization

Part 3. Handles the design and distribution of all advertisements of organizational activities and club correspondences, in addition but limited to, Vice President updates and newsletters; as well as the exploration of other channels of advertisement. 

Part 4. Should work to build and maintain a strong relationship with the academic community and to help facilitate the communication between members of the Society and the faculty and staff


Part 1. All Executive Officers have the power to create Committees and may appoint Junior Officers to assist in their duties and for which they are responsible. The Executive Officer creating a Committee may preside as Head or appoint a Junior Officer to be the Committee Head. The Executive Officer organizing the Committee may also design roles and appoint Junior Officers to those roles, or he or she may delegate that task to the Committee Head. All appointed Junior Officers must be members of the organization. The Committee Head must also set the agenda the delegate tasks to fulfill the intended mission of the Committee.

Part 2. All Junior Officers have a duty to assist their executive counterpart as well as any Executive Officers and Club Advisors as needed. 

Part 3. The Junior President duties consist of, but are not limited to: 

  • Maintain correspondences with academic and industry contacts
  • Help with coordinating workshops and speaker events
  • Have a working knowledge of all Executive Officer positions

Part 4. The Junior Vice President duties consist of, but are not limited to:

  • Assist in record keeping and collection of club artifacts
  • Review announcements and newsletters
  • Help with event coordination 
  • Have a working knowledge of all Executive Officer positions

Part 5. The Junior Treasurer duties consist of, but are not limited to:

  • Assist in submitting paperwork
  •  Maintain correspondences with academic contacts 
  • Help in maintaining a log of club expenses for budgeting purposes

Part 6. The Junior Marketing Officer duties consist of, but are not limited to:

  • Assist with the creation of advertisements of the society
  • Explore other channels of advertisement 
  • Maintain correspondences with academic contacts
Section 8. ELECTIONS

Part 1. Elections for senior offices should be held after the spring break and before the end of April and in the fall, after November 1 and before the week of final exams. All Candidates must be members in good standing with the club with the club and must be able to complete the term as students of the University. Only students continuing into the next long semester following the term of office may run for the office of Treasurer.

Part 2. The organizational Advisor or the Treasurer of the Society should supervise the election process. The result of an election must be decided by a popular vote by a ballot system. Only members may nominate and vote for officers of the Society. All Candidates must be present at the time ballots are held.


Part 1. Senior Officers may be removed if the requirements listed in this Constitution are not met or if their duties are unfulfilled. They must be removed from office by a majority vote. The president may be removed by a vote majority of the membership. Any club officer may call for a special vote. Senior Officers may resign at any time during his or her term upon written notice of his or her resignation to the Board. In case of removal or resignation of any elected Officer, the Board will elect a replacement by majority vote of the Officers at an officers meeting within three weeks following the creation of such a vacancy. The board may also elect to distribute vacant roles and duties among the remaining board members in the form as an interim and temporary amendment that expires upon election and fulfillment of vacant position.

Part 2. If a quorum for elections is not feasible, the Club Advisors shall remove and/or install new officers at their discretion.

Article IV

Role of Advisors

This decision may be overridden by a 2/3rds vote from the Board upon dissension. This Advisor must be a part of the faculty or staff of the University. This person shall be considered an Associate Member of the Society.

Section 2. DUTIES

This Advisor may declare and even prevent inappropriate actions of the Board and the organization based on rules and regulations set by the University and on the terms set within this Constitution. The organizational Advisor may also give a tiebreaker vote in all majority-based decisions of the Board listed within this Constitution.


Part 1. The board may also appoint one or more Temporary Student Advisors, who must be former officers of the Society.

Part 2. This act may also be overridden by a 2/3rds vote from the Board. These Advisors may be considered Associate Members of the organization, but they are not involved in the decision-making process of the Board.


Advisors may resign at any time during his or her term upon written notice of his or her resignation to the Board. An Advisor may also be removed by 2/3rds vote from the Board.

Article V

Social Activities and Groups
Section 1. MEETINGS

All meeting dates and respective times as part of the organizational Agenda shall be coordinated through the President for approval or approval can be given by any officer at the behest of the president. This includes dates and times for regular meetings, regular officers meetings, and all special events. Any Senior Officer may call a general meeting or an emergency officers meeting as needed. All Senior Officers must be able to attend all officers meetings and should be accounted for at those times. All decisions of the Society shall be made at officers meetings where all Senior Officers are present.


Projects and events may be proposed by anyone from the Board or the General Membership and must be approved by the President as part of the Agenda. The President may assign these activities to be organized by the most appropriate Senior Officer. The president’s approval or a majority vote of the board is enough to approve any project or event.


Special Interest Groups may also be proposed by anyone from the Board or the General Membership and must be approved by a majority vote of the Board or the President. Special Interest groups will be open to all members of the club.


Members of the club are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner when engaged in club activities and treat other members with courtesy and respect. Members are expected to show courtesy to speakers and guests of the club as well. Members who participate in games or contests of the club will behave in an ethical manner and will not engage in cheating or unethical conduct either towards members of the club or outsiders who interact with the club.


Members of the club who, in the opinion of the Board, violate the guidelines of general conduct described above may have membership revoked or membership privileges restricted. Such revocation or restrictions will take effect after a majority vote of the Board approves. Members may appeal such a decision and request reinstatement, and may also request mediation with the Council on Student Organizations.

Article VI


An Amendment or Revision of the Constitution may be drafted by anyone from the Board or the General Membership. When a proposal is submitted, a Revision Committee must be formed and meet before the end of April and during the term of the Board receiving the submission. This Committee must consist of the Board and the Advisor and may include anyone from the General Membership. The ratification and adoption of an Amendment or Revision of the Constitution must be decided by a 2/3rds vote from the Revision Committee. Upon adoption by the Society, all Amendments and Revisions shall become effective immediately unless otherwise stated. This Constitution, including all Amendments and Revisions shall be the Supreme Law of the Society, and all actions shall be bound thereby.

Article VII


Should the Society dissolve, the Treasurer shall disburse funds in concordance with both the entire Board and the organizational Advisor.

Revised and Updated: July 10, 2020

Contact Our President:

Karina Burdiez

601 University Dr.
San Marcos, TX 78666